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Yahoo! Maps AS3….giving it a shot

Over the past year and a half I have used the Yahoo! Map AS2 component on multiple projects. It’s always done what I needed it to do. Nothing more, nothing less. Now I need to do some serious skinning and functionality upgrades. Yahoo! AS3 to the rescue. I was thinking about using Mapquests’ badass little API, but I’m not too sure how easy it will be to extend Markers in their framework and unfortunately I don’t really have the time to test it out…..so I gotta go with what I know 😐

I will most definitely be updating here with a great little component for all(both) of you readers out there to implement easily into your projects.

This component will consist of :

  • Dynamic Icon
  • Easy skinning of the tooltip
  • Click Event dispatching (seriously doesn’t exist yet, I don’t believe it either)

So with a little help of the good ol’ innernetz I should have this up and running within the next week or two.

Wish me luck!