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After reading another wonderful post over on jesse wizzarden’s blog, I decided to write a little about my recent experience in the quest for the perfect job.

I would like to believe that there are good recruiters out there. From my recent experience there aren’t any.

One recruiter in particular kept trying to get me to lie on my resume because I only have a little under 2 years Flex experience. He said his client was looking for 3+years Flex 2/3 experience, so I responded with “But Flex 2 hasn’t been out for 3 years”. That didn’t seem to matter and only confused him more.

Another great time was going through 3 different recruiters to finally get to the actual recruiter that posted the job. I had no idea how cutthroat this business is. Everyone is trying to get their $4/hr off of my hard work.

I talked to 20 different recruiters over the whole process but the leg work I did myself was what worked best. A colleague of mine told me about the new Boston Flex User Group. This is a very big deal, at least to me. I was always very surprised that there hasn’t been one this whole time, the closest one before this was in NYC. So I checked it out and it said it was hosted by Universal Mind. Then I checked them out, they must be a pretty cool company to be running this show. I stumbled across their Join Us page. After reading this listing, I was in shock. How did they get in my head? How did they know my exact current situation and streamline this job listing exactly for me on the fly? It was extremely creepy to say the least.

I sent my resume over asap. I was so excited to send it over. Plus they are in Boston! Home, Sweet Home. That was the best part, especially after all the recruiters trying to send me everywhere from Sacramento to Nowheresville, NJ for 6 month contracts. The Boston part was an assumption by myself, assuming that they host the BFUG meetings, they are in Boston….right? Well, sort of. Their office is 2 hours west of Boston. uh oh, I really don’t want to move out there but its better than St Louis. Nothing personal Cardinal Fans, I’ve just been trying very hard to finally get back home. Thats Ok, I can deal with fairweather Red Sox fans, being that close to New York during baseball season isn’t very fun either but whatever, I’ll deal, this seems like a great company where I can make the next step in my career. Come to find out, the whole company works from home except for a few employees. Seriously, I still don’t believe it. I feel like I’m dreaming.

The craziest part was actually talking to the employer. First Hand! I know, its crazy right? It’s this really weird process, you send your resume and cover letter over, then they like, respond to it. WOW! I had no idea it worked like that. I know this is a very rare case of sending your resume to but it really works. TRY IT! I always thought that you had to get your resume into every single recruiter’s hands all over the world and sit back and wait for an HR rep to finally decide to give you a call or setup a techinical interview.

Needless to say the process was anything but painful and I am now sub contracting for Universal Mind. I am so excited/anxious/excited to get cracking on my first project for UM. Am I awake yet? I better be, I’m starting tomorrow. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Job Hunting

  1. Dammit, you shoulda called me; I could of saved you a lot of heartache AND I’d get a referrel fee from UM, hehe!

    Glad UM snagged yaz; good on you and I wish you best in your new Flex consulting endeavors.

  2. I like you was very surprised when I recently posted my resume and my phone started ringing of the hook. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels recruiters are a waste of time.

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