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Launched finally!

This blog post is long overdue. The lapse in posts is because of this ginormous web app called

There have been a ton of write-ups about it and it’s definitely the most public and awesome thing I’ve ever been lucky enough to be a part of. This is really the whole reason why I moved out to California and lead the web team at NVIDIA was to architect this application. It is an incredible accomplishment and I’m extremely proud of everyone that made this happen.

some press:,2817,2372512,00.asp

Simple Twitter API XML Parsing in PHP

A friend asked me the best way to parse XML in PHP. I didn’t have an answer. It doesn’t sound like a weird request but usually the XML parsing is done on the client side(AJAX/Flash/XSL) instead of the server side…..the one usually serving the XML.

Some quick googling led me to believe that this was very monotonous before PHP 5.

Here’s a quick and dirty script to easily traverse some XML.

$xml = simplexml_load_file(“”);

echo $xml->getName() . “

foreach($xml->children() as $status)
echo $status->getName() . “: ” . $status . “
foreach($status->children() as $items)
echo $items->getName() . “: ” . $items . “
if($items->getName() == “user”){
foreach($items->children() as $user){
echo $user->getName() . “: ” . $user . “

echo ‘———————–

Take this and drop it in a file or download this zip(right click save as) and run it in localhost or on your server.