So a lot has happened since we last spoke……

I’ve gone full time with Universal Mind. I’m no longer a hired gun. If there was a company to go full time with, it would definitely be this one.

Also, I moved to California. Yeah, that’s kind of a big one. I am no longer an east coaster 4 lyfe 🙁

Thats a big deal for me. As stupid as it is to be tied down to one location, I’ve always been in love with Boston and I will most definitely live there again at some point in my life. Especially if I want my family to speak to me again 🙂

So, no more maps….thank god. Not that it was difficult or draining….I’m just doing different things now. The reason I moved out to kalifornia is to lead a team at Nvidia. Just another step closer to the video game biz and thats really what the end goal is here people. Don’t get me wrong, I f’in love building web apps, but in the end…..I want to build video games. Maybe I can get rich enough off of this Flex stuff so I can take a year off and just write C stuff to step my game up. Who knows? I don’t. obviously.

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