Month: December 2010

Android 2.2 -> Android 2.3 Rating Bar changes

There isn’t anything mentioned in the API differences or anywhere that I can find so far, on changes made to the underlying skin of the RatingBar component.

If you have a rating bar in your 2.2 project using Widget.RatingBar.Small as a parent for your custom skin, you’ll most likely see a weird background skin now surrounding your rating bar. This could be the AbsSeekBar or ProgressBar, but to me it looks like a ToggleButton. Regardless, it’s not your desired look and here’s how to get rid of it. Just remove the .Small from Widget.RatingBar.Small and make sure you have set min/max heights for your stars so they shrink or grow to your desired size.

ps. I’ll get an example once I get a good enough plugin that doesn’t crash my wordpress when I drop some XML in it. 🙂

Android Gallery and bad performance gotcha

If you’re using the Gallery component from android and experiencing “snappy” animations when your item is selected, you’re most likely doing too much in the UI thread OnItemSelected.

Always try and create a separate thread to do expensive tasks so your UI thread can keep the user happy. Also, look for ways to optimize what you’re trying to do in that method. For instance, instead of swapping out resources to reflect a UI update, make a stateful skin.

Launched finally!

This blog post is long overdue. The lapse in posts is because of this ginormous web app called

There have been a ton of write-ups about it and it’s definitely the most public and awesome thing I’ve ever been lucky enough to be a part of. This is really the whole reason why I moved out to California and lead the web team at NVIDIA was to architect this application. It is an incredible accomplishment and I’m extremely proud of everyone that made this happen.

some press:,2817,2372512,00.asp